Sephora Color Pop Up Makeup Palette

I continue with Sephora Color Pop Up Store, which is the biggest palette in my make-up and the biggest palette in my hand.

I have a memory about my favorite product from my makeup palette. I was very interested in cosmetics before opening my Youtube channel. Sephora was one of my favorite stores. I was examining all of Sephora’s new products. I was also interested in Sephora’s palettes. Previously, I looked at the palette with the items in it. After that, I had a lot of eye in this Color Pop Up Store. I said, ım This must be my pallet. “But I didn’t dare take this palette. Because the price makes me think, and for some reason, a voice saying. Sephora pallets are usually sold between 140-180 TL when they first come out. By the way, like I’ve read my mind, my wife, she gave me this palette. Let’s go to the palette …

A very bright, cube-shaped, compact pallet outside the pallet. When it is closed, it is very comfortable to fit everywhere, does not flow. This is what I expect from this palette. It’s not a suitcase-friendly pallet, though. You may not be very comfortable with your travels.

There’s a clip on the top of the pallet. When we open that clip, we see colors like we opened Pandora’s box.

When I open the box, I get three compartments. There is a different cover in the middle and different colored products on both sides.

Let’s open the cover first. When you open this cover, there are 22 headlights with natural tones. All of these headlights in nude tones.

Then let’s look at the left side of the palette. When I open this group, I come across a huge palette of 5 floors. Almost all of them consist of eye group products. A large part is in powder form.

On the right side, there are 5 steps of products. Most of them are in gel form.


When the palette opens, it looks huge. In the meantime, the mirror should not forget.

Since I was not able to swach in all the colors from the palette, I wanted to show you the clearest, least color of the skin color that I was supposed to give. It has a velvety structure and a very tough color. In this sense, admire this palette.

After the overview, let’s get to the details. Nude, some matte, some pearl, some bright, there are a total of 22 headlights. These headlights are very soft and very comfortable to mix. Therefore, you can make very comfortable natural make-up with these headlights. Don’t worry if you don’t have naked pallets in your hand, I usually use these tones as a base or blending color. It certainly does a lot of work.

On the left side of the pallet there are 18 dusty headlights on the first floor. These headlights consist of very bright, bright colors. The first one is the orange tones. There is a headlamp group that turns from yellow to orange, from orange to juvenile and from there to copper. Right below, there are 6 headlights with purple bottom tone going from pink to my mentor. In the last order, there is another group going from lacquer to dark blue.

If we come to the second and third level, there are 12 + 12 total 24 headlights. First, there are headlight groups that combine white, blue and green tones. Headlight group from green to earth color and headlights from gray to black are also in Step 3.

I wanted to remind you that some of the headlights are matte, and some of them are quite bright. Absolutely very opaque, very beautiful color.

There are 12 gel eyelets in the fourth row. They’re very nice. I love the gold color here.

In the fifth place, there is an upper floor product for the eye from white to black. They don’t give much color. They only provide shine in the color they are in. 3 oval products are illuminators of different shades. These illuminators can also be used as headlights.

Let’s come to the right side of the palette … This section has more lip products. First, there are 6 different colors of polish on top. From gloss to dark burgundy, lipsticks are very bright. Immediately 2nd, pink and purple lipsticks are starting. Lipsticks can be called a more satin finish. 3. There are nude-peach tones.

The second floor features nude and orange hues. On the 3rd floor there are red and bordos. It has lipstick in almost any color until dark black. Lipsticks are very persistent, so I think that the palette can be transported somehow in special times.

In the fourth row, there are lipsticks in brown tones and close to white skin tones. On the lower floor there are cream products that can be used both on the lip and on the cheek. Either way, I think they’re quite successful. There are also 3 blush. My preferred palette is definitely very successful. Sephora’s makeup palettes.

I will share the other palettes in my collection in turn. See you in my next article …

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