Dr. Botanicals Po Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum

A very new product which I got at the beginning of December from #LFBeautyBox. If you don’t have information about Look Fantastic Beauty Box, you can click here to read November 2018, and click here to reach December 2018. I have tried it since I received it. After nearly 1 month usage I can clearly say that it moisturises my under eyes over 8 hours. It also brightens my semi-dark under eyes.

Another important point is under eye lip knobs. Some eye creams or serums can cause lip knobs at under eyes. I have some small ones because of a bad product I have used before.  (Maybe I will write a few sentences about it later.) But Dr. Botanicals Po Eye Serum works well in this point too.

Also I should add here one of its usages, which I love. I often put Po Eye Serum Bottle in refrigerator and it detumescences my puffy under eyes.

At the end I need to say a huge welcome to Dr. Botanicals Eye Serum as a new member of my daily routine.

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