Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturiser

Today I want to write about a 5 star oil-free moisturiser from Clinique. I almost have every each item from Pep-Start collection. I usually use this cream before daily make-up routine. It works great as a make-up primer. It hydrates my skin nearly perfect and covers it as a layer which avoids the negative effect of cold in winter.

Here, I need to mention that it does not have any SPF in it. I think the only deficiency is that. What is more I have never tried to use this Hydroblur Moisturiser in my night routine. It has too much silicone for me to use it at night. Because of its pink colour, it increases the corrector effect of my BB Cream.

This full size product is near £15. But you bang for your buck.

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