Bubble T Cosmetics Dark Wonder Bath Bomb

Bubble’t Dark Wonder Bath Bomb is the one of my products in #LFBeautyBox November 2018, which I was posted about here. According to my first impression it had a fantastic fragrance. My first impression never changed during this time. I love its smell besides the other advantages. It smells acai berry and hibiscus. This fragrance made me relaxed and it helps moisturising my skin. In short I love this bath bomb; however I don’t have a bath tub in my house which I had mentioned before. So if I don’t have a bath tub how did I use it and how could I suggest clearly?

I haven’t got bath tub for nearly 10 years. But I still use bath bombs. I use them in several ways. Let’s have a look to my solutions and decide that if you can use them like me?


  • Split your bomb in half and use as a shower steamer. You can have its anti-stress effect as same as in bath tub.
  • Break into pieces and use them for luxurious manicure and pedicure. If you use a bath bomb like Dark Wonder than you don’t need to use an extra moisturiser for your cuticles.
  • Mix some broken bomb with water for a room spray. I am not sure that if we have talked before about my allergies. I cannot use any aerosol sprays but this does not affect bad, although I can smell its hibiscus fragrance longer.
  •  If you don’t want to mix it in a spray bottle than you can fill a bowl with your bath bombs or you can cut a bomb into small pieces and fill them in the same bowl and get a pretty room fragrance.
  • Nowadays we have to wear boats and they may smell worse if you wear them every day. If you have such a kind of problems you can put small pieces of bath bomb into your shoes and make shoe deodorants easily. Additionally it keeps them fresh.
  • The best way I love using bath bombs are cutting them as powder and using them as a cleansing scrub for my face. It scrubs and exfoliates my skin gently. You can use same way to exfoliate your skin as a body scrub.

Thanks for Bubble’t for this amazing fragrance bath bomb.

Hope to see you in a while in an other post…

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