Birchbox November 2018

I had a great shopping offer during Black Friday sale. I bought 2 Birchboxes just for £5. I have waited a little but at the end I got the cream. In this post, I want to give you a quick overview about my boxes. The reviews of products will be posted here as soon as possible. I want to use a meaningful percentage of any products before I write them, so I can be able to give you more information about them.

Let’s have a quick view on Birchbox November 2018.

At it is seen in the picture, November’s box was designed with Disney – Nutcracker and the Four Realms movie theme. They say that, “Join the fun and unlock your inner explorer as we take you on your own beauty adventure with the treats inside your November box.”

But what about products? What’s inside my November Birchbox?

Manna Kadar Cosmetics – Diamond Dust Roller Shadow – Pixie: A full size, Birchbox exclusive product (RRP £15). It has a roller ball packaging and it claims that no brushes required. Additionally it is mentioned that it is a product which can be used not only as a sparkle eye shadow but also as highlighter on cheekbones and over a glossy lip.

Polaar – Polar Night Cream (25 ml – Sample Size) – This moisturizer works to brighten skin overnight. It says that, this night cream enriched with boreal algae which makes skin a plump – healthy – looking complexion (RRP £32)

Dr. PawPaw – Original Clear Balm – A full size (10 ml), multifunctional moisturizer balm is an emergency product. This does – it – all balm moisturises lips, sooths sunburn, helps to hydrate hands and cuticles, in short it does whatever you need (RRP £4).

Sand & Sky – Brillant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask – (13g Sample Size) It has a RRP near £40. I know that this mask has been an instant hit. It provides a 4-in-1 formula with detox, invigorate, refine and brighten. It includes pink clay, aloe vera and pomegranate. I am waiting impatiently to try this mask.

Spacemasks – Self Heating Eye Mask (RRP £3.50) – It may help to end a stressful day easier. This mask infused with mood – calming jasmine. Mask starts to heat up when it entwines with oxygen molecules in the air. I will try this mask when my son sleeps and the post will be here as soon as possible.

Products at Additionally Birchbox

This additional box was special offer for Black Friday. Let’s explore what it has.

Whittard Chelsea – 3 Individually Whapped Teabags – No.07 – Mango And Bergamot – This includes green tea, mango and bergamot flavourings. No.33 – Earl Grey – In other words the only black tea that I drink with its special bergamot flavouring. I’ll try Whittard Earl Grey and then maybe it will be our houses officially black tea. No.35 – Lemon & Ginger – An herbal infusion tea which will be a good choice for late night studies.

Number 4 – Smoothing Balm – According to its introductions I should distribute evenly through damp hair. Then I should blow dry it and hurray – smooth and shining hair…  I’m very unlucky about hair stuff. I hope this works well, let check it with an individual topic in a soon.

Polaar – Velvety Sun Fluid Face & Body – This 20 ml sun protector will be used in January. I’ll try it during my Istanbul trip. 30 UVA – UVB is enough for me for this season. I hope it can be used under make-up and works good with it.

Benefit the Pore Fessional Pearl Primer – A sample size for a well- known pore minimiser primer will help me to decide if it suits my skin or not. So as a result of my usage I may buy a full size product from Benefit Pore Fessional’s.

Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm – This lip balm changes its colour according to the lips heat. As a first improvement its’ pink is too hot for me but if I like it moisturiser effect. I can mix it with other cool coloured lipstick.

Ella Eden – Pressed Julia – A shimmering rose gold eye shadow is a joker colour for me. My favourite colour is pink and nowadays I use simmering pink eye shadows for cut crease make-up style.

I promise I’ll post for every each item as soon as possible.

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