Bioderma Sebium Cleansing Gel

Nearly 1.5 years my skin has become to combination. It was dry before my pregnancy. As a result of this, I started to look for new cleansing products. I have bought some products till those days but this post’s topic is Bioderma Sebium Cleansing Gel. I bought this in Turkey. But I know in UK I can find same so the price should be here! According to my Google search, in UK, Bioderma Sebium Cleansing Gel has a RRP near £12.

It cleans my skin perfectly. I feel that all excess sebum which covers oily parts of my face has gone.  Besides it doesn’t irritate my dry cheeks. The only disadvantage of this product is, you cannot use it to clean your all makeup. I always use a micellar or make-up remover before washing my face with this gel. Whatever, I like Bioderma Sebium Cleansing Gel and it will be an item on my daily routine for a long time.

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